Do you want to get rid of your unnecessary pounds? Do you want a really effective weight loss? Do you want to support your diet with a 100% natural supplement?

We can help!


Form your shape as you wish to see it!
Natural, green tea blend, to help your diet.

The composition of our new, unique tea blend is the result of long and precise development work. We also mixed in some special, exotic components with strong weight loss and detoxifying effects, from South-America and Asia, making the tea an unmatched, effective companion during your diet. You cannot get this type of spectacular tea anywhere else!

Affordable luxury, because you deserve it!

The Shape Former tea blend may help you achieve a better result of your diet. It only inludes clean, non-artificial, 100% natural components! The 11! types of great efficiency components strengthen the effects of each other. It is advised to consume the tea during the diet. Aside from ladies, we recommend it to men as well.

Why do we recommend the Shape Former tea blend?

 - It can help you lose weight
 - Less fat build into our body
 - Helps the body oxidize more fats and carbohydrates
 - Helps our digestive system
 - Helps us feel less hungry, and we won’t crave for sweets as much
 - Its’ naturale caffeine content gives us energy
 - Really good taste
 - Doesn’t cause diarrhera

When we were developing the tea, we proceeded towards another way instead of the usual diet tea blends with laxative and diuretic effects. The components of the Shape Former tea blend help the digestive system, increase the oxidation of fat while also decrease the development of new fat cells, and also have an appetite reducing effect.

The tea blend has a strong invigorating effect due to the caffeine content of the teas and the guarana. This helps us through those days, when we eat less, and it also helps us stay energetic during workouts.

We also wanted to make the Shape Former a really delicious tea. Into a fine green tea base, we put ingredients which have scientifically proven benefits, and are also decent additions to foods and beverages in gastronomy. In the Shape Former tea blend, we can find the softness of the matcha and green teas, a little refresing peppermint flavor, a pinch of citrus, and a subtle hotness of the ginger and cayenne pepper. This way, the Shape Former tea blend is not just a useful tea, but a really delicious one as well!The natural ingredients work in a healthy, body-friendly way.

In case of any kind of sensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients, the consumption of the tea blend is not advised! If you drink more kinds of herbal teas, we advise drinking them at least 2 hours apart from each other.

Directions for use: For a teaspoon of tea blend, add 3 dl (~1 cup) water, heated to 80 oC (176 oF). Let it soak for 15 minutes. The tea can be consumed by itself, no additives are required. From a package of tea blend, you can make 45 cups of tea! Aside from ladies, we recommend it to men as well.

We advise to drink it 2-3 times a day, between meals, mainly from morning to afternoon, because of the tea’s freshening effect. Before use, the pack should be shaken! The green powder at the bottom of the cup is drinkable, since that is the matcha powder itself! Warning: If you make the tea too strong, we can experience the tea to be too hot. In this case, it is advised to add water in it, according to your taste.

Ingredients: Oolong tea (21%), Mate tea, Green tea, Ginger, Orange peel, Peppermint leaves, Cinnamon, Matcha tea powder (1,5%), Hibiscus flower, Cayenne pepper, Guarana powder (1%). The ratio of the ingredients can vary.

Storing: In dark, dry, cool place

Net weight: 90g (3,17 oz)

Packaging: The Shape Former tea blend comes in a UV filtering, aroma sealing, transparent box. The essential oils within the ingredients can last for years in this packaging, making the tea blend fresh in the packaging for years to come.


Of course it is not a miracle cure!

On the market, you can easily come across some unbelievable or miraculously looking products or medicines. Most of them are nothing more than empty promises, so we should not believe them. The Shape Former tea blend is not a miracle cure! It is a tea blend, which is developed after numerous scientific research, and can help us in our diet. To successfully lose weight, the main requirement is workout and/or diet. The tea blend supports these activities with its’ weight reducing, energetic, and digestive system-aiding ingredients.

Satisfactory guarantee 30 days (after arrival)

In the case you are not satisfied with your Shape Former tea blend, send us back the package. Attach your invoice and you bank account number, and we will transfer you back the whole price!

To validate your guarantee, please call our customer support on weekdays, between 09:00 and 16:00, on the phone number +36-30-792-5407, or write us an e-mail to


Guarantee conditions

  • Send the product in its’ original package, and include the invoice as well
  • According to the EU legislations, for the first 14 days, if the package is still sealed, out shipping cost included. The cost of shipping the tea back is not included, only the price you present us on your legislation.
  • For +16 days, if the package is opened, and still has more than 30% of its’ original content in it. Shipping cost not included.
  • If more than 1 Shape Former tea blend is bought, 1 product should be open and still has 30% of its’ original content. The others should be unopened and undamaged.
  • Send the products back as a normal delivery. We don’t accept cash on delivery packages. If everything is in order, we will transfer the amount to your specified bank account.
  • Please send the package to: Human Medical Center kft. 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 13. 2/1.
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