Healthguard tea - with immune system boosting effect

Healthguard tea - with immune system boosting effect

Do you want to strengthen yourself against the attacks of bacteria and viruses? Has your immune system weakened? 

Do you want to solve your problems, alleviate your symptoms or prevent the development of the disease with the possibilities provided by nature without any side effects? We offer pure, natural, chemical-free teas, in which the combined effect of several herbs prevails.

Most drugs can cause side effects and upset the body’s natural balance. Although many natural preparations are available on the market, most of them are ineffective because they contain only one herb or are mainly composed of chemicals and additives.

Consuming our tea blend can help boosting your immune system. Stomach, intestine, urinary tract, respiratory, blood circulation improving effect, vitamin content. 8 kinds of herbs strengthen each other’s effect. The Health guard tea is a highly-effective immune system boosting tea blend made from no less than 8 (!) Herbs based on the original recipe from Human Medical.

Its' exact composition was the result of long and careful development. Health Guard tea: rose-hips, echinacea root, ginger, forest raspberry leaf, lemon-balm, linden flower and thyme carefully controlled proportion mixture.

The 8 herbs have a significant stimulating effect individually as well, which, reinforced in proportion to the prescription developed by Human Medical, can boost your immune system. The natural ingredients work in a healthy, body-friendly way. The preparation is free of side effects.

Suggested use: Boil a teaspoon of tea mixture with 2.5 dl of 80-90 oC of hot water. Cover and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes. It can be flavoured as desired or consumed on its own. You can make 40-45 cups of tea from one box!

It is recommended to consume it as a cure with 2-3 cups a day between meals! The contents of the box should be shaken before use!

Ingredients: rose-hips, Echinacea root 9%, ginger, forest raspberry leaf, lemon-balm, linden flower and thyme

Storage: in a dry, dark, cool place

Net weight: 70g

Packaging: In a UV-filtered, aroma-sealing transparent plastic box in which the essential oils remain for several years, thus ensuring the freshness of the active ingredients.

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